Extending the life of telecommunications networks

Carritech work with telecommunication service providers and major organisations around the world to prolong the life of their networks.

We Supply

Carritech sell used telecoms carrier technology for operators and traders worldwide.

Hardware for sale

We Purchase

Carritech help manage your excess inventory and realise revenue rather than just disposing through WEEE.

Used/surplus hardware purchase

We Repair

Carritech repair telecommunications equipment for customers all around the world.

Telecom repair services

WEEE Manage

Carritech can remove unwanted equipment and help you meet your environmental objectives.

WEEE recycle and disposal

Our services
telecommunications hardware

Hardware Supply

With over 40,000 telecoms parts in stock, Carritech are a key global supplier of core, access, transport and data network equipment, including optical transceivers.

telecommunications hardware


With repair and refurbishment capabilities across the spectrum of legacy telecoms products, Carritech are a trusted global partner for your repair needs.

telecommunications hardware

Asset Management

If you are looking to generate revenue for your unwanted or unused telecoms products, Carritech can help you to realise the maximum value of your equipment.

Our products
telecommunications hardware

Telecommunications Hardware

Our in-depth knowledge and partnerships with manufacturers, traders and end users around the world enable Carritech to fulfill your needs on time and within budget.

telecommunications hardware

Optical Transceivers

At Carritech, we supply a wide range of optical transceivers for network, server and storage systems.

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