The ALCATEL-NEWBRIDGE Newbridge 90-2258-07 is available at Carritech.

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This ALCATEL-NEWBRIDGE Newbridge 90-2258-07 represents only one item of our extensive portfolio which includes Ericsson, Siemens, Nortel, Nokia, Marconi and many others.

If you are looking for other parts in addition to the ALCATEL-NEWBRIDGE Newbridge 90-2258-07 then please contact us by telephone or email so that we may assist you with your complete requirements.



Carritech specialise in ALCATEL-NEWBRIDGE Newbridge and we hold a large amount of items in stock. We can provide the part number that your are looking for (90-2258-07) from stock and ship to most worldwide destinations.

The ALCATEL-NEWBRIDGE Newbridge 90-2258-07 is an End of Life (EoL) product and as such is unlikely to be manufactured any further. Therefore, supply relies on the availability in the used marketplace and at Carritech we have the 90-2258-07 available.

Carritech specialise in ALCATEL-NEWBRIDGE Newbridge and we hold a large amount of items in stock. We can provide the part number that your are looking for (90-2258-07) from stock and ship to most worldwide destinations.

Product Information

The Alcatel Mainstreet (formerley Newbridge) business access portfolio comprises a comprehensive range of products including Multiservice Access Platforms (MAPs), Integrated Access Devices (IADs) and Network Termination Units (NTUs).

Multiservice Access Platforms (MAPs)

Alcatel MainStreet 3600 Multiservice Bandwidth Manager – A flexible, scalable and intelligent networking node that combines the functions of anintegrated voice and data multiplexer, a frame relay and X.25 switch, a low capacityATM access node, an intelligent channel bank, and a digital cross-connect switch.

Alcatel MainStreet 3600+ Multiservice Bandwidth Manager – In addition to offering all of the capabilities of the MainStreet 3600 Multiservice Bandwidth Manager, the Alcatel MainStreet3600+ Multiservice Bandwidth Manager offersfiber optic and electrical interfaces at STM-1/OC-3 speeds. It supports a wide range of circuitandpacket-based voice and data services, and is fully compatible with the Alcatel MainStreet 3600 Bandwidth Manager, providing seamless integration into existing networks andprotecting equipment investment.

Integrated Access Devices (IADs)

Alcatel MainStreet 3630 Primary Rate Multiplexer(PRM) – A high performance, compact, intelligent T1 (1.544 Mb/s) or E1 (2.048 Mb/s) multiplexer, terminating up to 30 voice or data circuits

Network Termination Units (NTUs)

Alcatel MainStreet 2902 Network Termination Unit (NTU) – Delivers managed bandwidth access of up to 2 Mb/s over existing copper pairs (HDSL) or E1 facilities.

Alcatel MainStreet 275x IDSL DTU An attractive solution for providing services of up to 128 kb/s to remote sites.Three types are available:

Alcatel MainStreet 2704 DTU V.110 – Focused specifically at end-user applications requiring V.110 rate adaptation

Carritech supply ALCATEL-NEWBRIDGE Newbridge equipment and if you would like a quote for the 90-2258-07, please contact us by clicking the green link just above on the right. If you prefer, you can reach us by telephone on +44 203 006 1170 or +34 911 238 746.

Warranty & Shipping

All our equipment is refurbished and the ALCATEL-NEWBRIDGE Newbridge 90-2258-07 is backed up with a comprehensive warranty from Carritech. Our products, including the 90-2258-07 you have searched for, are sent in brand new packaging to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition.

Carritech can help with your ALCATEL-NEWBRIDGE Newbridge requirements and hold a significant amount of Newbridge in stock. We should be able to provide the part number that you are looking for (90-2258-07) and ship to most worldwide destinations.

About Carritech

We supply high quality hardware that allows our customers to maintain their networks at reasonable cost for a longer period. When a client finally decommissions network hardware, we have a fully managed program that realises a revenue stream greater than the usual disposal channels. Carritech is highly focused on customer service and deliver components on time and in perfect working order.

Carritech, assuring you of the best possible quality.

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