Extending the life of telecommunications networks


Carritech work with telecommunication service providers and major organisations around the world to prolong the life of their networks.

Carritech is highly experienced in the telecommunications secondary market and offer a fully managed process for both purchasing and supplying hardware and services.

With operations in the United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland, Carritech are a multilingual, international company who work with partners and clients globally.

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We Supply

Carritech sell used telecoms carrier technology for operators and traders worldwide.

Hardware for sale

We Purchase

Carritech help manage your excess inventory and realise revenue rather than just disposing through WEEE.

Used/surplus hardware purchase

We Repair

Carritech repair telecommunications equipment for customers all around the world.

Telecom repair services

WEEE Manage

Carritech can remove unwanted equipment and help you meet your environmental objectives.

WEEE recycle and disposal

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