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Product Information


The Alcatel 1675 Lambda Unite Multiservice Switch (MSS) is a multiservice optical switch that can be used as an ADM, terminal multiplexer, multi-ring hub, and broadband cross-connect.

The Alcatel 1675 can support small to large office applications in backbone and metro networks.

While the 1675 Lambda Unite MSS supports SONET/SDH standard compliant rings, it also enables migration towards dynamic mesh-based networking. The system architecture is based on a full non-blocking duplicated switch matrix, including both 160G “metro optimized” and 320G capacities that can be upgraded while in-service.

The Alcatel 1675 Lambda Unite MSS has a flexible architecture. For instance, the system allows you to use one platform to manage SDH and SONET traffic while enabling services such as Gigabit Ethernet. The product’s comprehensive set of standards compliant ring capabilities greatly reduces the need for additional cross-connects and multiplexing systems.

Key Features:

  • Centralized non-blocking switch, with 160 Gbps “metro-optimized” and 320 Gbps capacity options
  • In-service capacity upgrades
  • Innovative highly flexible “any card in any slot” architecture is simple to engineer and manage
  • Expansion port modules may be inserted and provisioned in-service
  • SONET product design simplifies global networks
  • Interface range from OC-3 to OC-768 and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Direct and passive dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) optical systems support
  • Gigabit Ethernet transport (including layer 2 functionality) and other new services


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Carritech can help with your {manufacturer} {model} requirements and hold a significant amount of {model} in stock. We should be able to provide the part number that you are looking for ({pn}) and ship to most worldwide destinations.

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About Carritech

Carritech was founded in 2010 by a highly skilled management team, with over 40 years of combined industry experience within the carrier industry. We work with telecommunication service providers and major organisations around the world, helping them to prolong the life of their networks and reduce the costs involved in network management and maintenance.

Our broad range of services allow us to offer our clients a complete and ongoing support solution for their network equipment where perhaps existing manufacturer support is no longer available or is too costly. We pride ourselves in our staff knowledge and industry expertise that sets us apart from our competitors.

If you are happy with your network equipment, but support is no longer being offered to you by the manufacturer, Carritech can help.

Carritech are an ISO9001 and ISO14001 company.

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