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Carritech repair telecommunications equipment for customers all around the world.

Our customers rely on our expertise, including over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, the quality of our repairs, our comprehensive warranties, technical capabilities, professionalism and our customer-focused approach to everything we do.Save


Our repair Services

Our dedicated repair and refurbishment partner repair a wide variety of equipment across our manufacturer range, focusing on SDH equipment from manufacturers including Alcatel, Ericsson, Marconi, Siemens and Coriant. Our skillset focuses on the ability to repair and maintain legacy equipment, some of which is decades old and still functioning as new, due to our care and repair programs.

We have an international reputation for high quality, speedy and reliable services and in addition to our repair and refurbishing work, we offer an unrivalled advanced replacement service. This service minimizes downtime of your network by utilising our stock of over 45,000 spare parts.

Maintaining legacy systems directly through the manufacturer has become a costly exercise for most operators; not only financially, but in time and resources.

Our repair partner has over 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications repair and refurbishment industry. The team, made up of 25 highly experienced professionals, including 14 laboratory specialists, ensure that all repairs and refurbishment works are carried out to the highest possible standards and within the agreed timeframe.

In 2016 alone our repair partner repaired a total of 7,526 telecoms cards.

Products we repair:


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Manufacturers we repair...


We repair a large number of Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent telecommunications products.

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1000 S12
1000 E10
1600 Series
7000 Series

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