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Carritech repair telecommunications equipment for customers all around the world.

Our customers rely on our expertise, including over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, the quality of our repairs, our comprehensive warranties, technical capabilities, professionalism and our customer-focused approach to everything we do.

These core principals allow us to provide our customers with comprehensive network lifecycle management service support, including R&R for wireline and wireless networks.

We offer an unrivalled service, in quality, product range and turnaround time.

We work directly with your business to create a simple, clear and painless process that streamlines the efforts required for repairs, without taking away from the comprehensive and thorough work that is carried out by our team.

Our team work alongside our partners who repair a wide variety of equipment across our manufacturer range, focusing on SDH equipment from manufacturers including Alcatel, Ericsson, Marconi, Siemens and Coriant. Our skillset focuses on the ability to repair and maintain legacy equipment, some of which is decades old and still functioning as new, due to our care and repair programs.

That’s because our team ensure that all equipment is fully tested and that any faulty parts are replaced but will also actively prevent further failure by renewing any parts that show signs of deterioration or do not meet the exacting standards of our testing processes.

We have an international reputation for high quality, speedy services and in addition to our repair and refurbishing work, we offer an unrivalled advanced replacement service. This service minimizes downtime of your network by utilising our stock of over 45,000 spare parts.

Our constant procurement of new stock means that we are able to respond quickly to even the most unusual needs.

Maintaining legacy systems directly through the manufacturer has become a costly exercise for most operators; not only financially, but in time and resources.

We can help.

Sometimes it may be more beneficial to replace rather than repair.

We have found that, sometimes, it is more cost effective to replace certain modules rather than repair. Carritech work with each and every client to tailor a service that best fits their needs and will advise the best route to take for each item. This can also be dictated by the volume of parts available at the time of repair as it can be a volatile market and what is readily available as a replacement one month may not be the next. Carritech have a fully open approach to our customers’ needs and can adjust our processes around our client’s in order to ensure full compliancy also by tailoring a pricing model that best suits your budget and specific needs.

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