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Siemens FastlinkSiemens FastLink supports telephony services as well as internet access through ISDN or DSL. Its modularity and open architecture make FastLink quick and easy to integrate into any network environment.

Preconfigured outdoor technology proven on the world market makes it unnecessary to use special air-conditioned modules.

Siemens FastLink Optical Network Unit (ONU) as a compact unit for subscriber access, protocol, routing and transport.

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The following modules are available for the ONUs:

  • Access Multiplexer AMXC
  • Access Multiplexer AMX or Multiplexer FMX2R3.1 (only for ONU 20 FTTO and ONU 30 FTTB)
  • ATM Multiplexer Mini-DSLAM or Micro-DSLAM
  • Synchronous Multiplexer SMX1/4c or SMA1K-CP
  • Optical Multiplexer OMX16
  • 2-Mbit/s Line Equipment LE2
  • Terminal panels and distributors
  • Power supply with/without battery backup
  • Double-walled shelter without active cooling for the outdoor operation
  • ETS racks with side panel and front doors (optional) for the indoor operation

Some of the examples of Optical Network Units are the ONU 1000 (FTTB, FTTC), ONU 250 (FTTB and FTTC), ONU 30 FTTB or ONU 20 FTTO.

Siemens FastLink Optical Line Termination (OLT) as a central access to the local exchange, the data networks and ATM/IP networks.

The following modules are available for the OLT:

  • Cross connect Multiplexer CMXII-V5.x/CAS as gateway to V5.1/V5.2 exchanges, for routing data channels and for CAS/V5.x conversion
  • IP router or ATM switch XP140 for inclusion of broadband
  • Synchronous Multiplexer SMX1/4c or SMA1/4c
  • Optical Multiplexer OMX16
  • 2-Mbit/s Line Equipment LE2
  • Terminal panels and distributors

The Network Termination (NT) as compact desktop unit complementing the ONUs for leasedlines, online services, multimedia and broadband applications. The user-friendly management system AccessIntegrator (ACI) for central operation and monitoring is used for all FastLink components.

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