Lucent’s Expandable Switching System (EXS – previously Excel) is a host-controlled, distributed, programmable switching architecture.

The Lucent Excel Switch/EXS Switch environment lets application developers implement applications cost-effectively across a wide range of port configurations with the assurance of seamless, incremental and economical growth as needed. Modular, common platform components further project system investments.

Key Features

  • Open programmable distributed environment.
  • Non-blocking architecture across all nodes
  • Integrates individual platforms into single logical switch
  • Seamless growth and linear scalability
  • Ring, node and card-level redundancy
  • Cost effective access to voice resources.

Technical Information

Lucent Excel Switch/EXS Switch Architecture

Lucent Excel Switch/EXS Switch uses a client/server architecture where the link between the switch and the host is based on TCP/IP over Ethernet. A single host can manage all switching nodes in a Lucent EXS system; multiple hosts are also supported. EXNET serves as the backbone for EXS. This dual counter-rotating fiber ring technology utilizes 1.2 Gbps, multimode optics.

EXNET Controller and I/O. Each EXS module is equipped with an EXNET card set: an EXNET I/O and an EXNET Controller. The EXNET Controller’s CPU kernel consists of the MC68040/360 in companion mode for high performance.

The controller functions as a switch matrix in Lucent’s Selective Space Switching architecture to provide a seamless connection between the available timeslots on the EXNET and the timeslots on each node. The EXNET I/O provides the physical connection to the EXNET fiber ring. EXNET can integrate external service resources such as voice processing. Providing them access to a centralized environment maximizes switch efficiency and reduces resource contention.

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