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Carritech stock a large amount of Marconi OMS parts covering the entire range products.

Marconi OMS 800The Maroni OMS 800 (also known as the Ericsson OMS 800) is part of the Optical Multi-Service portfolio.

It is made up of ultra-compact optical transport solutions which allow operators to deploy Ethernet services alongside traditional TDM services.


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With its ‘future-proof’ dual-bus architecture, along with a high level of scalability, the Marconi OMS 800 allows for further evolution of the platform technology.

Marconi OMS devices combine the functionality of next-generation SDH (NG-SDH) multiplexers with the growing demand for a diverse range of data services.

Key Features

  • Low footprint form-factor ideal for a diverse range of space-restricted applications, and optimum cost level
  • Carrier-grade availability and reliability to support a wide range of SLAs, with innovative control mechanism
  • Specifically designed for high speed Ethernet delivery (10,100 and GigE tributaries), whilst retaining key TDM access (i.e. E1, E3, T3, STM-1).
  • Supports ELINE (point-point) or ELAN multipoint data applications with additional enhancement and more efficient implementation of Ethernet services in accordance with Provider Bridge functionalities
  • Aggregate speed of 155 Mbit/s to 2,5 Gbit/s in point-to-point or ring configurations.
  • SDH and Ethernet interfaces utilize SFPs for Capex efficiency
  • Common ServiceOn network management for Opex efficiency.

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Marconi OMS 1260The Marconi OMS 1200 (also known as the Ericsson OMS 1200), Optical MultiService Metro-Edge platform was designed to provide the flexibility to respond to changing customer demands.

The MultiService capability of the Marconi OMS 1200 supports a range of services and interface types from a single platform, including Ethernet and TDM. The platform is optimized for Metro-Edge applications where traffic volatility makes scalability a key requirement.

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The range of interface and sub-rack options makes the OMS 1200 a cost effective solution for customer delivery, backhaul or mobile radio network application.

Key features and benefits for OMS 1200 include:

  • Smooth migration from TDM to a carrier grade data service network, efficiently transporting mixed Data and TDM traffic over a resilient SDH network
  • Service flexibility enabled by Multirate traffic cards supporting a configurable mix of interface types and high port density
  • Scalability through in-service addition of traffic interfaces, upgrade of aggregate rates, embedded WDM transport capability and Ethernet Port Extension for native Ethernet delivery to a remotely managed NTE

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Marconi OMS 1600The Marconi OMS 1600 (also known as the Ericsson OMS 1600) is a compact, multiservice transport and switching platform, capable of delivering a wide range of data and TDM services.

By coupling its high port density and comprehensive switching options, with its modular configurability, the OMS 1600 enables operators to incrementally respond to the rapidly changing demands of their customers

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The Marconi OMS 1600 allows for an easy migration from an SDH ADM to an Ethernet switch without need to change platforms. The performance management features are included for both the SDH and data domains, with counters, alarms and historic data being available to confirm levels of QoS and SLAs.

The support of Ethernet OAM will enable end-to-end QoS across mixed networks. This all makes the OMS 1600 MSPP the ideal platform for delivering mixed TDM and data services with consistent and predictable behaviour.

Key features and benefits for OMS 1600 include

  • Dual SDH and Data architecture for future-proof flexibility
  • 60Gbit/s non-blocking VC-12 switch
  • 20Gbit/s non-blocking packet switch
  • STM-16, STM-64 and 10GigE aggregate interfaces.
  • STM-16 in-service upgradeable to STM-64.
  • Embedded DWDM and OTN carrier grade optical transport
  • Pre-amplification and booster options for extended reach applications
  • Carrier class TDM and packet functionality.
  • Ethernet switching and service support for Full Service Broadband, IPTV and Business Ethernet (E-Line, E-LAN)
  • High density Ethernet interfaces, with Ethernet Port Extension for managed remote delivery

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Marconi OMS 2400The Marconi OMS 2400 (Ericsson OMS 2400) is a family of Packet Transport platforms, covering a range of switch and port capacities.

It offers network operators and service providers a level of carrier class performance for evolving Broadband services.

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The OMS 2400 is positioned primarily as an Ethernet aggregation, switching and transport node for use in metropolitan networks, although its flexibility and scalability (including photonic integration) makes it equally suited for core, long-distance applications.

Key features:

  • Ethernet transport switch capacities from 80Gbit/s to 640Gbit/s (full-duplex)
  • “Full service Broadband” service support, including business Ethernet (E-LINE, E-LAN) and multimedia services with IPTV based on IGMPv3 snooping and proxy reporting
  • Support for actual QoS via carrier grade Ethernet
  • Full Layer-2 Provider Bridge functionality for Ethernet traffic switching and transport
  • Packet Transport features, such as PBB-TE and T-MPLS with OAM and Protection Switching
  • Support for a wide range of interfaces, including GE/10GE LAN, WAN PHY, C/DWDM and 10G tunable EoOTH G.709
  • Ethernet over SDH/SONET and over OTH for interconnection to legacy TDM and photonic networks
  • Circuit Emulation for transporting voice and legacy services over packet transport networks

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Marconi OMS 3200The Marconi OMS 3200 (also known as the Ericsson OMS 3200) Optical MultiService Core Switch enables operators to build a single, consolidated, highly resilient and intelligent low OPEX core transport network.

The Marconi OMS 3200 is highly capable of efficiently delivering Ethernet, OTN and traditional services. Designed around a high performance ASTN/ASON  control plane; the OMS 3200 series delivers, resilient network protection schemes.


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The platform’s advanced control-plane and wide range of native traffic interfaces make it an ideal solution for building highly resilient optical networks to support SDH, OTN and IP traffic.

Key features

  • ASTN/ASON Control Plane; Reduces operational overheads and enhances network resilience
  • Dual Technology OTN/SDH Switch Fabric;
  • Enables new revenue opportunities and additional future proofing of the network investment
  • Embedded Layer 2 Ethernet and MPLS switching options
  • Embedded DWDM and OTN support for cost optimized, carrier grade transport
  • In-service scalability to meet current and future traffic demands
  • Full range of Ethernet, SDH, SAN and OTN Interfaces

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