Summer Offers from Carritech

Up until the end of August, we have reduced pricing for a selection of our telecommunications products. Including parts for Siemens EWSD, Alcatel E10, Ericsson AXE10/810, Ericsson EDA 1500 and Siemens HIX5300! See below, the full list of parts we have on offer throughout Summer*.

Browse our parts currently on offer below:

Siemens EWSD Part Offers

Description Part Number Price Claim
M:SLMA:ITFG S30813-Q101-X403 175.00€ email-W
M:GPSH S30810-Q1325-X303 175.00€ email-W
M:GPNLE S30813-Q278-X201 (All FW versions available) 800.00€ email-W
M:GPNLE S30813-Q28-X600 (All FW versions available) 450.00€ email-W
M:GPNYE S30813-Q27-X600 400.00€ email-W
M:PMUD S30810-Q1141-X401 250.00€ email-W
MOD S30122-U563-X400 700.00€ email-W
MDD S30807-U2594-X400 550.00€ email-W

Alcatel 1000 E10 Part Offers

Description Part Number Price Claim
TADPB 3BW00066AA 400.00€ email-W
TCPOSB 3BW00872AA 450.00€ email-W
TPUCD 3BW00050AA 300.00€ email-W
TCPOL 3BW00102AA 450.00€ email-W

Ericsson AXE10/810 Part Offers

Description Part Number Price Claim
AUP-41 ROJ208203/1 400.00€ email-W
SLCT ROF1371824/6 250.00€ email-W
POUC ROF1377527/1 225.00€ email-W
ODD ROD90733/1 2250.00€ email-W

Ericsson EDA 1500 Part Offers

Description Part Number Price Claim
GPN ROA2191139/1 500.00€ email-W
FAB3 ROA2191123/60 950.00€ email-W
E28 ROA1282872/1 650.00€ email-W

Siemens HiX 5300 Part Offers

Description Part Number Price Claim
M:SUADSL 64PXA:IFX S50010-M1424-B101 500.00€ email-W

To claim one of our offers click the mail button next to the part you require or email us directly at and quote ‘Summer Offers’.

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All offers are valid until August 31st 2017 and available until stocks last. Pricing also available in USD and GBP. Subject to exchange rates at time of purchase.

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