Network Services

Using one of the most advanced next generation networks in the UK, CNS delivers optimum call quality and set up for traditional telephony services as well as IP Direct Connect services.

Utilising Carritech Direct Connect via Ethernet gives improved call set up and unrivalled features and benefits.

Carritech IP connect

Global development in IP technology and service delivery enables Carritech to deliver a feature rich IP Direct connection from our advanced network to your premises. This service not only saves you money, it gives higher call quality, greater flexibility and significant benefits over traditional service delivery.

Delivered via managed Ethernet router, our service is presented on two Virtual Local Area Networks, (VLANS), one for voice and one for data. With this management, your voice calls have separate bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS) thus maintaining the integrity of the call.

This service offers considerable savings over ISDN30e and is the next generation of delivering voice and data to your premises as one service.

Inbound and numbering services

Carritech have a range of Inbound and numbering services to add value to your business. With Inbound services, you can control how to route incoming calls to business, including a disaster recovery function if you need to re-route your calls in an emergency.

  • Inbound can be used with any number, anywhere, from any device.
  • It is easy to use with drag and drop graphic interface
  • Immediate set up with No capital outlay


Through the intuitive easy to use portal, you can create and change your calling plans as well as view and download performance graphs and stats.

Carritech voice

Carritech Voice enables your business to save on traditional line rental and call costs.

Our wholesale buying power and next generation carrier technology enable us to deliver your calls for an extremely competitive rate.

Local and national call rates are priced at .75p (3/4 of a penny) per minute and mobile rates are 7.5p (seven and a half pence) per minute for O2, T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone. All calls are charged to the 4th decimal, this means that we do not round your calls up to the nearest penny unlike some other carriers; what you see is what you pay.

International calls are as little as 1.8 pence per minute to the USA and most calls to Europe are 2p per minute.

We can review your current call spend and advise accordingly. It is likely that you can save money with our services.

Contact us now to see how Carritech can make the difference in your business.

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