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CISCOCarrier10X1GE-SFP-LC-B10X1GE LC with output ACL__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 10X1GE-SFP-LC-B
CISCO12000 Series12DMM12 Port Digital Modem Module (DMM) Spare__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 12DMM
CISCO12000 Series12DS3-SMB-B12DS3-SMB-B w- ECC__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 12DS3-SMB-B
CISCOCarrier12E3-SMBE3 line card 12 ports__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 12E3-SMB
CISCOCarrier16CHOC3-DS3-IR-LC16 port channelized OC-3 to DS-3__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 16CHOC3-DS3-IR-LC
CISCOCarrier16OC3-POS-MM16 port OC3-STM1 SONET-SDH Multi-Mode LC wit__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 16OC3-POS-MM
CISCOCarrier16OC3-POS-SM16 port OC3-STM1 SONET-SDH Single-Mode LC wi__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 16OC3-POS-SM
CISCOCarrier16OC3X-POS-I-LC-B16 PORT OC3 WITH EXTENDED FEATURES RELEASE B__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 16OC3X-POS-I-LC-B
CISCOCarrier2CHOC3-STM1-IR-SCChannelized OC3-STM1 -> DS1-E1 2 ports Inter__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 2CHOC3-STM1-IR-SC
CISCOCarrier3GE-GBIC-SCGSR12000 three-port GE line card __('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 3GE-GBIC-SC
CISCOCarrier4CHOC12-DS3-I-SCB4 PORT CHANNELIZED OC12 B __('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4CHOC12-DS3-I-SCB
CISCOCarrier4OC12-ATM-IR-SC4 port OC-12-STM4 ATM LC Intermediate Reach __('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4OC12-ATM-IR-SC
CISCOCarrier4OC12-ATM-MM-SC4 port OC-12-STM4 ATM Line Card multimode __('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4OC12-ATM-MM-SC
CISCOCarrier4OC12-POS-IR-SC-B4OC12-POS-IR-SC-B __('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4OC12-POS-IR-SC-B
CISCOCarrier4OC12-POS-MM-SC-B4OC12-POS-MM-SC-B __('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4OC12-POS-MM-SC-B
CISCOCarrier4OC12X-POS-I-SC-B4 PORT OC12 POS B __('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4OC12X-POS-I-SC-B
CISCOCarrier4OC3-ATM-IR-SC4 port OC3-STM1 ATM Line Card intermediate r__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4OC3-ATM-IR-SC
CISCOCarrier4OC3-ATM-MM-SC4 port OC3-STM1 multimode ATM line card __('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4OC3-ATM-MM-SC
CISCOCarrier4OC3-POS-LR-SC4 port OC-3-STM1 SONET-SDH Long Reach LC wit__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4OC3-POS-LR-SC
CISCOCarrier4OC48-POS-LR-SC4 Port OC-48c-STM-16c SONET-SDH LR with SC __('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4OC48-POS-LR-SC
CISCOCarrier4OC48-POS-SR-SC4 Port OC-48c-STM-16c SONET-SDH SR with SC __('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4OC48-POS-SR-SC
CISCOCarrier4OC48E-POS-LR-SCEdge 4 Port OC-48c-STM-16c SONET-SDH LR with__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4OC48E-POS-LR-SC
CISCOCarrier4OC48E-POS-SR-SCEdge 4 Port OC-48c-STM-16c SONET-SDH SR with__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 4OC48E-POS-SR-SC
CISCOCarrier6CT3-SMBChannelized T3 for the GSR__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 6CT3-SMB
CISCOCarrier6DMMICA 6-Port Modem Module__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 6DM
CISCOCarrier6DS3-SMB-B6DS3-SMB-B w- ECC__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 6DS3-SMB-B
CISCOCarrier6E3-SMBE3 line card 6 ports__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 6E3-SMB
CISCO7200 Series7206-IPV6-ADSVC-K97206VXR IPv6-Adv. Ent. Services bundle with __('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 7206-IPV6-ADSVC-K9
CISCO7200 Series7206VXR-NPE-G17206VXR with NPE-G1 includes 3GigE-FE-E Port__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 7206VXR-NPE-G1
CISCO7200 Series7206VXR-NPE-G27206VXR with NPE-G2 includes 3GigE-FE-E Port__('Contact us about the', 'carritechV2') 7206VXR-NPE-G2

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