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Will 5G Replace Wi-Fi In the Future?

September 26, 2019

As 5G is being implemented across the world, people are debating whether 5G will replace Wi-Fi. As the next generation of wireless network technology, it is set to offer greater connectivity and faster speeds. But will 5G replace Wi-Fi?

The Two Operate on Different Spectrums

The short answer is probably not. Wi-Fi operates in a spectrum which doesn’t require a license to operate. This means that anyone can connect at any time. On the other hand, 5G operates in a spectrum which is licensed by the government. You can only access 5G by paying a subscription to the operator licensed by the government.

There Are Billions of Wi-Fi Enabled Devices

Think about all your Wi-Fi enabled technology. Billions of devices and networks are enabled by Wi-Fi and consumers and businesses rely on these every day. Due to the sheer volume of products currently on the market, it will take many years for people to adopt 5G technology wholly as a replacement.

The Wi-Fi Market Continues to Grow

Some think that because 5G will bring faster connectivity, consumers will choose it over Wi-Fi. While it is true that 5G will be a huge step up from 4G in terms of speed, Wi-Fi 6, the latest generation of Wi-Fi, is currently emerging in the market. It too promises faster speeds with better performance in large crowds. With the recent news that the Wi-Fi Certified 6 certification programme has officially launched, we can’t see this multi-billion market disappearing any time soon.

Instead, 5G Will Co-Exist with Wi-Fi

The main point is that 5G is a cellular technology whereas Wi-Fi is a network technology. The two operate differently and as a result, they are more likely to co-exist in a complimentary way. Instead of one technology, 5G and Wi-Fi are more likely to work together to become a broader multi-network framework.

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