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Why Telecom End of Life Product Announcements Do Not Really Mean the End

An end of life product announcement is a regular occurrence in the telecommunication industry as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) encourage users to upgrade their existing products.

The announcements can cause concern amongst carriers as they may feel that their equipment is likely to fail soon. End of life (also known as EoL) announcements are designed to create a sense of urgency in network owners to encourage them to purchase new telecom parts.

There is an alternative solution. An EoL announcement does not mean that your equipment is actually at the end of its product lifecycle. In fact, with proper management from a support service provider such as Carritech, you can extend the life of your legacy products for years.

What Do We Mean by End of Life?

All products will eventually come to the end of their life cycle. An end of life product announcement refers to a notice sent out by the manufacturer to say that certain equipment can no longer be ordered.

From the date given, all further expansions or new features will stop and the product will remain in its current state. This means that no further updates or improvements will be given to the product going forward so naturally, it will eventually become outdated.

EoL announcements are made for various reasons including changes in the marketplace, new technologies superseding current ones and when parts are replaced by better functioning ones. Many manufacturers use this cycle to keep customers renewing their equipment and purchasing newer products.

This can be very costly to networks, not just in monetary terms but for their impact on the environment. As companies continue with messages that you must purchase the latest technology to stay relevant, the amount of e-waste generated is increasing year on year.

To combat scrapping your telecoms equipment unnecessarily, there is an alternative to always purchasing the new products when an end of life announcement is made.

Why an End of Life Product Announcement Is Not the End

When an EoL notice is given, manufacturers will provide information about when the equipment will become obsolete. The actual life expectancy of a network part is known as Mean Time Between Failure (or MTBF). This refers to the time estimated before your equipment is expected to fail.

It is important to remember that end of life product announcements are there to prompt carriers to consider upgrading the equipment in their networks, however they do not have to. MTBF can be decades long and there are ways to maintain your legacy products before they become redundant.

Repairs & Refurbishment


When a product becomes faulty or out-of-date, consider getting it repaired. Often network owners dispose of faulty legacy products because they think they have reached the end of their usefulness. They then purchase new products to replace the faulty ones.

The continual process of purchasing new products instead of getting your existing ones refurbished is harmful to the environment. Too much e-waste ends up in landfill sites, leaking toxic gases into the air and chemicals into nearby waterways.

Most telecommunications equipment is designed to last a very long time. Due to many parts being of modular design, it is often easy to get defective parts repaired. Once they have been refurbished the equipment will be given a new lease of life, extending your network for more years to come.

Even if your company is finished with the products, there are many other companies out there who will pay good money to take your faulty products away, either for repair or resale. This process is much better than scrapping them as they can be used in networks again.

Purchase Used Telecommunications Equipment


Another option for end of life products is to purchase them through the secondary market. The range of equipment available varies from country to country. This means that while one country may be using the latest parts, another country may be a generation or two behind with the products they are using.

Carriers do not have to buy directly from manufacturers. After an end of life product announcement, you may be concerned about where to purchase the product from going forward. The used items market is a great place to find the equipment you need, often at much lower prices.

If you want to remove the EoL parts from your network, selling this equipment means that you will see a return of investment without impacting the environment negatively. Consider selling your excess parts instead of scrapping them.

Because there is so much equipment out there, with different companies using different versions of systems, it means that parts can be resold back into the market and reused somewhere else.

How Carritech Can Help Prolong the Life of Your Legacy Equipment

At Carritech Telecommunications, it is our aim to extend the life of telecom networks with ongoing support of legacy equipment. We specialise in the ongoing support, repair and refurbishment of end of life and legacy telecommunication systems.

It is our policy to adhere to the top three categories of the European Waste Hierarchy – reuse, resell and recycle. Often, lack of support from the manufacturer is the reason why an operator would choose to replace equipment in their network. Carritech can overcome this scenario by providing repair services, giving parts a new lease of life.

We also purchase used systems from many manufacturers and resell them to countries across the world. If you are looking to sell unwanted EoL equipment, we will be happy to take the systems off your hands through our hassle-free service.

An end of life announcement is not a cause for panic. Here at Carritech we can support you with cost-effective solutions and help to prolong the life of your telecommunication network.

Get in Touch with Your Network Needs


Through working with carriers to reuse and resell their telecom assets, we help to support legacy telecommunications networks. Our service offers the ultimate solution to cater to all your needs, whether that be part supply, repairs or selling equipment.

Our hassle-free support service means that we can help network operators in all aspects of network management. We can provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 multi-vendor maintenance and technical support across a wide range of equipment from different manufacturers.

Get in touch with the team online, call +44 (0)203 006 1170 or email for further details.

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