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Is the Internet of Things (IoT) Good or Bad?

Lots of people are currently talking about the Internet of Things these days but is it good or bad? The Internet of Things refers to everything connected to the internet, namely devices which are connected through automated systems. These devices communicate with each other through internet connections. Examples of IoT include smart thermostats, home hubs and vehicle monitoring. With the Internet of Things growing at such an exponential rate in modern times, we think it is worth looking into whether the expansion of this technology is a good or bad thing.

Why the IoT is Good

The market for IoT is growing rapidly. This means that billions of devices are developed every year, with many different uses. As well as the everyday uses, this technology assists hospitals, production lines and agriculture to name a few. IoT helps greater efficiency in processes, lighten workloads and collect data quickly. Technology today is created to try and reduce mundane tasks for people so we can all live happier, healthier lifestyles.

The Internet of Things help bring people together with increased connectivity

Another benefit of the Internet of Things is that we are more connected than ever before. By linking a vast number of devices to the internet, smart cities will be able to grow. Data and infrastructure networks are connected by the IoT, which adds further intelligence into the system. Understanding how a city functions should greatly improve the lives of the people living there.

Why the IoT is Bad

As with anything connected to the internet, there are real cyber threat concerns when it comes to the Internet of Things. Even the most robust internet-enabled technology is susceptible to hackers, meaning your information is vulnerable. Smart devices have access to and often record sensitive data. A compromised system could mean that those things you don’t want to be seen, could easily be retrieved.

With the rapid acceleration of the Internet of Things and all its devices, too comes the increase of e-waste. Manufacturing companies target consumers to make them think that to stay relevant, they must keep up with the latest technology. Forcing consumers to upgrade quickly makes past models out of date and so, they end up in a landfill. E-waste causes harmful effects to our health, the planet and wildlife.

In Conclusion, is the Internet of Things Good or Bad?

Overall it is clear that the Internet of Things is something which will enable the world to do things with greater ease and efficiency than before. Being connected across the world can be a great step towards everyone working together for happier lives. That being said, we cannot ignore the threats to security and the environment that come with IoT. At present the market is growing at an exponential rate. Without proper considerations and safeguards we may be causing more damage than good.

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