Telecoms Handling, Shipping & Packaging

How is our telecoms equipment handled and shipped to ensure safe travel?

There are a number of important procedures that should be followed by all who handle telecommunications equipment and package it for distribution around the world to ensure that products are not damaged.

Handling telecommunications equipment

One of the most important procedures when handling telecommunications equipment is to wear an antistatic wrist strap, ESD (Electro Static Discharge) wrist strap, or ground bracelet, which are antistatic devices used to prevent electrostatic discharge by safely grounding a person working on electronic equipment.

It consists of a stretchy band of fabric with fine conductive fibres woven into it. The fibres are usually made of carbon or carbon-filled rubber, and the strap is bound with a stainless-steel clasp or plate. They are usually used in conjunction with an anti-static mat on the workbench, or a special static-dissipating plastic laminate on the workbench surface.

This is very important when handling telecoms equipment as even the smallest amount of static could damage the components.

Packaging telecommunications equipment

If you are dealing with a professional and responsible vendor, all telecommunications equipment will be sent out in custom made boxes that fit the items securely and will be made economically to avoid any unnecessary waste.

Goods will be packaged securely inside, within the necessary anti-static bags to protect the products from ESD (Electrostatic Discharge).

Finally, any appropriate impact absorbing materials will be added for protection when in transit.

Transporting telecommunication equipment

By working closely with courier partners, we are able to offer the most reliable, safe and secure transportation services for our telecoms equipment.

All items are packed securely, tracked and delivered by our partnering couriers, meaning that all equipment arrives and is offloaded safely at its destination.

Telecoms equipment will always be labelled appropriately to ensure that handlers are aware of the fragility of the contents.

If you require any further information on our telecommunications equipment handling process, please contact us today.

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