Why choose a revenue share option over a quick sale?

This article explains the reasons why you should opt for a revenue share scheme such as Carritech’s ‘We Manage’ option, when looking to generate funds from your surplus telecommunications equipment.


Let the professionals do the hard work – Selling telecommunications equipment is extremely challenging without the experience of the market and the knowledge of the products that you possess.

When you choose to enter in to a revenue share scheme such as We Manage, you are allowing the vendor company such as Carritech to directly market your products to their broad client base which would have been established over many years. You also have the significant advantage of your equipment being listed within the product database of their website, which will see large numbers of traffic that meet your product demographic. Not to mention the huge benefits which you will gain from the dedicated professional sales staff who will know the right people to contact and the best prices to offer.


Put time on your side – You can free the space in your office or server room quickly without compromising on value of the sale of your equipment.

For many reasons, clients need to free up the space which their telecoms equipment occupies, whether it be because they are moving premises or just want to make more room for other services within their business. With revenue share, Carritech will carefully disassemble, safely package, ship and store your products in their warehouses throughout the duration of the agreement, meaning you will benefit from the additional space without worrying about any time constraints.

Once your parts are being sold by your vendor and your funds are being generated, they will take care of all of the storage and shipping so all you have to do is sit back and watch your revenues increase!


Don’t settle for less – If you sell your products in bulk, or auction a job-lot of telecoms equipment, the chances are you won’t generate as much revenue from them as you would if you were to choose a revenue share option like We Manage.

Often people will opt to sell telecommunications equipment in bulk. This could be because they are unsure how to disassemble the equipment, perhaps they aren’t able to work out the value of the parts and would rather an offer be made to them, they may be moving premises or just want to free the space up quickly.

In reality, by selling your equipment quickly, the chances are you won’t generate anywhere near the same number of funds as if you chose to revenue share.

The main reason for this is the fluctuation of part value within the market. The value of parts varies depending on its availability and requirement within the market and although a part may have low value now, in a few months’ time this could drastically increase. Carritech will know the right time to sell your products and when to take advantage of its optimum value.


Sit back and watch your equipment sell – With an online portal like Carritech’s, you can view your inventory live and keep up to date with everything that is being sold from anywhere in the world.

Your products are entered in to the vendor’s product database and you can access a live view of your equipment, what has been sold, what is left to sell and how much revenue you have generated. From there you are able to generate invoices for your products to quickly and easily gain access to your funds.


Generate as much revenue as possible – It’s in Carritech’s best interests to generate as much revenue from your equipment as possible for you.

When you choose revenue share, you are ensuring that the right amount of time, effort and expertise are being put in to selling your telecoms products, because it is in both party’s best interests to ensure maximum value for your products.

If you are selling equipment yourself, your buyer may take advantage of less market knowledge and make you a low offer, however Carritech are able to sift through the lower offers for you and make sure they sell your equipment for the best price.

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