At Carritech, we supply and repair a wide range of rectifiers suitable for a variety of telecommunication network environments.

We stock both complete rectifier systems and individual parts from a range of manufacturers, including AEG, Harmer & Simmons, Siemens and Alcatel/Nokia. All products are either new and unused or fully refurbished to ensure performance in even the most testing live technology environments. We offer comprehensive warranty on all our products.

Key Features

A rectifier is a diode which converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). DC only flows in one direction whereas AC regularly reverses direction. Rectifiers allow current to flow in a single direction.


Rectifiers take alternating voltage and converts it into high quality direct voltage needed for your telecom equipment. Traditional telecommunications equipment generally requires DC input power but mains power runs off AC. Such power systems consist of multiple rectifiers that convert AC power to DC power, so they can operate.


Without the right rectifier, there is little chance of configuring your ideal system. They are the heart of a power system as they offer optimised solutions for each application. Rectifiers mean that you can tailor your power system without having to rebuild every element.

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