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Telecoms trends to look out for in 2022: What should we expect?

November 30, 2021
The last few years’ have seen some huge changes in the telecoms industry, so if that’s anything to go by,...
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When Will 4G Be Phased Out?

August 31, 2021
There has been so much hype around 5G in the last few years that many carriers are wondering when will...
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The Global Chip Shortage and How to Tackle It

July 26, 2021
You are probably aware of the global chip shortage that is currently happening. The demand for semiconductor chips is greater...
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Telecommunications Industry Trends to Watch In 2021

December 22, 2020
2020 was a year of massive transformation for all sectors, and the telecommunications industry was no different. The consequences of...
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How is the Huawei Ban Affecting Europe?

February 11, 2020
Last year, the world’s number one telecom supplier was faced with bans from numerous countries. Huawei was first met with...
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What is eCPRI and What Does it Mean for 5G?

January 14, 2020
The Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) is an interface that sends data from remote radio units to base station units....
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Why Are Telcos Talking About OpenRAN?

December 10, 2019
Back at the TIP Summit in Amsterdam last month, Vodafone made a statement. The telecommunications conglomerate announced it was thinking...
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What is Industry 4.0 and How is it Affecting Telecoms?

November 28, 2019
As technology evolves and digitalisation becomes more of a reality in today’s world, people try to compartmentalise what is happening...
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AI Use Cases in Telecoms

November 15, 2019
Artificial intelligence (AI) used to be something we’d only see in sci-fi movies. It refers to building smart machines that...
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Is the Internet of Things (IoT) Good or Bad?

October 25, 2019
Lots of people are currently talking about the Internet of Things these days but is it good or bad? The...
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Anatomy of a Fiber Optic Submarine Network

October 7, 2019
Guest post by Nick Dmitry From video streaming and overseas broadcasting to long-distance communication with distant friends and family members,...
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Will 5G Replace Wi-Fi In the Future?

September 26, 2019
As 5G is being implemented across the world, people are debating whether 5G will replace Wi-Fi. As the next generation...
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What could Brexit mean for the telecommunications industry?

March 8, 2019
As the countdown to Brexit moves closer and the debate as to what and how things will change continues to...
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Manhole Cover Antennas Improving Mobile Coverage

January 14, 2019
In order to benefit from the proposed services that 5G will offer, network providers will need to utilise the millimetre...
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Telecoms Industry News: Weekly Round-up

January 11, 2019
From folding phones to network security and inevitabley back to 5G. This week has been interesting in the world of...
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