Оптические трансиверы

At Carritech, we supply a wide range of optical transceivers for network, server and storage systems.

Optical transceivers are a very important tool in modern network architecture. They provide a cost-effective solution to increase the technical flexibility of network equipment and allow products to move forward with an overall system’s evolution.

About Our Products

At Carritech, we are committed to improving our client’s productivity across their projects, including with the use of optical transceiver products such as SFP’s, GBIC’s and XENPAK. For that reason, we have focused on supplying the best performing, highest quality products that are suitable across data center, cloud computing, metro network, access network and wireless network environments.

We understand that customer needs vary, and so we have ensured that we are stocking a range of products which support a wide variety of manufacturers, network sizes, distances and environments.


Our range of optical transceivers are fully compatible with the industries major equipment manufacturers. This includes Cisco, Juniper, HP and Ericsson network equipment.

Our products are tested upon manufacturing to ensure they are in working order before being sold and sent to our customers.

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