Our team of experts can deinstall and create an inventory of your equipment.

We are able to help with regards to planning, inventorying and carrying out decommissioning of telecommunication systems.


Meet to discuss the deinstallation

We will arrange an initial meeting or call with all parties involved in the deinstallation to establish a timeframe for the project and review the existing systems and equipment. By discussing the complexities of the removal as well as logistics and storage at this stage will help to illustrate any potential problems or obstacles that could arise and help reduce the risks of system downtimes.

Audit and inventory of telecoms equipment

Our specialists will work closely with you to carry out a detailed system audit to help establish the full extent of the deinstallation.

Site Survey of new premises (if required)

If necessary, a site survey will be conducted to map the existing infrastructure (including cabling). From this information, a comprehensive plan will be developed to ensure that a speedy, safe and uninstructive deinstallation can be carried out.

Planning and scheduling

The deinstallation manager will assemble a plan, brief the team and run through proceedings with you to ensure that all parties know exactly what and how the deinstallation will take place. Once confirmed, a schedule will be put in place so that work is ready to begin.


Deinstallation will begin. Your telecommunication equipment will be carefully disassembled, packaged and carefully labelled by the handling team.