We are proactively working to reduce and reverse negative impact on the environment.

Carritech & Sustainability

Carritech aims to prevent customer networks from becoming obsolete and prolong their lifespan by sourcing rare and hard-to-find spare parts for supporting and extending legacy networks.

The European Waste Hierarchy consists of five categories of which Carritech can be directly influential on the top three – prevention, reuse, and recycling.

Our commitment to a productive environmental plan is realised through our core business of REUSE and RESELL, with RECYCLING capability.

Our business is to RESELL telecommunications equipment, keeping the kit within the chain of utility and helping to prevent waste. Where an item is not suitable for reuse or resale, we ensure optimum recycling of all component parts and elements in compliance with current environmental legislation. This minimises unnecessary impact on the environment and ensures a sustainable approach.

Often, lack of support from the manufacturer is the reason why an operator would choose to replace equipment in their network. Carritech can overcome this scenario by continuing to source and supply parts, whilst also providing repair and replacement services. These cost-effective solutions help to prevent equipment from being replaced in the medium term.

Where assets are to be removed from operation, our first intention is to resell them. Reusing as many components as possible prevents the need to recycle.

The equipment we receive is thoroughly assessed. Every item suited to the secondary market is refurbished and marketed in the global marketplace, to which Carritech is very well connected.

Carritech has a full range of logistics and decommissioning services at its disposal too.

For any material that cannot be refurbished, we take care of the balance of materialsOur process ensures that all elements are separated and graded accordingly, to ensure optimal recycling performance, value recovery, and efficiency.

Carritech is committed to using environmentally friendly material for packaging and will reuse all packaging where possible. This is a key part of our sustainability and environmental policy.