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Carritech offer excellence across a range of telecommunication services, including supplying telecommunications hardware, asset management, spares management and we can help you support your legacy network as well as provide hardware to expand existing networks.

As technology continues to develop at an ever-increasing rate, telecommunications network operators are under pressure to move to modern systems offered by equipment manufacturers. However, often with thousands, if not millions, of customers that utilise services that are still dependant on legacy systems, it is essential that they continue to have the same access to cost effective support and high-quality equipment that the manufacturers no longer offer.

Our business is built around the ability to provide the fundamental services for legacy telecommunications equipment that you would expect from the manufacturer of new products that are still under warranty.

By utilising our knowledge of legacy products, as well as our expertise and links within the market, we are able to comfortably and confidently assist you in the repair and refurbishment of existing hardware, offer continued support for software, provide like-for-like replacement of legacy parts and reduce your CAPEX & OPEX impacts with aided management and sale of your unwanted equipment.

Hardware Supply

With over 40,000 telecoms parts in stock, Carritech are a key global supplier of core, access, transport and data network equipment, including optical transceivers.


With repair and refurbishment capabilities across the spectrum of legacy telecoms products, Carritech are a trusted global partner for your repair needs.


Asset Management

If you are looking to generate revenue for your unwanted or unused telecoms products, Carritech can help you to realise the maximum value of your equipment.

Support Services

Together with our partner, Carritech provides network operators with a comprehensive telecommunication support service offering, covering all aspects of network management.


Are you looking to sell network equipment? At Carritech, we are always looking to purchase new and used systems from many manufacturers such as Ericsson-Marconi, Nokia, Siemens, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent or Cisco. ­

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