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We manage is our comprehensive telecommunications asset management service for surplus assets within your organisation and provides a revenue stream aimed at achieving the most value from unwanted equipment.

Most operators will directly dispose of excess equipment as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) often resulting in very low or non-existent income.

Carritech can manage your surplus assets and provide you with the maximum available return on your investment. Our policy is to resell and then as a last resort, recycle, providing you with maximum value for your equipment.

Explained simply, Carritech will collect, inventory, market and sell your excess equipment which would otherwise depreciate in a warehouse or at worse, be turned off and remain disused in a communications room.  Not only then do you have a depreciating asset but will be most likely paying for premium space for equipment which is never likely to be used again.

Why choose to opt for a revenue share scheme?

The key benefits of using our telecommunications asset management services are:

  • Hassle-free fully managed service
  • Achieves the highest return and minimises costs and liabilities
  • Equipment remains on your balance sheet until sold
  • Equipment can be called back at any time to service unforeseen network requirements
  • Monthly reporting and online portal
  • Carritech can provide decommissioning where necessary
  • Eliminate storage costs and improve your stock visibility
  • Employees focus on the core competencies of your business
  • Overall reduction of environmental impact

In simple form, our service is broken down to three stages:

Collect & Inventory

Firstly, we decommission and ship your equipment to our nearest warehouse.  Then we make an inventory of every part and we present the final list to you for verification and also to provide you with the opportunity to recall any parts that you may still require.

Market & Sell

Once the inventory is agreed we will market your equipment to our worldwide customer base. Our multilingual sales team maintain an active database of customers in more than 100 countries and we will prioritise the sales to other telecom operators which greatly increases the return to you.

Report & Invoicing

Lastly, every month we will send you a report on what has been sold together with a purchase order for you to raise an invoice.  We will bear all risk relative to any debt collection issues that may arise with the purchaser of the equipment. We will also evaluate the saleability of remaining assets and provide any recommendation including disposal as WEEE.  You also have access to our portal giving you real time information on the status of your stock and the ongoing financial results.

From the initial opportunity analysis we work with you to define a solution that suits your needs and helps you achieve the greatest ROI (Return on Investment) and most environmentally friendly result.

Dedicated Client PortalDedicated client portal

Our dedicated online portal allows our clients to login and view their inventory, stock levels and completed sales in real-time.

The system provides an easy to use interface which manages your assets and allows you to keep up to date with the progress of your stock remotely. The system is extremely easy to use and can be accessed online from any device.


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