Quality Policy

The directors and management at Carritech Limited are committed to continually improving the business processes. By listening to the voice of our customers and interested parties we understand and respect their needs and requirements. We will measure and review our performance at regular intervals to assure we are aware of our strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities.

We appreciate Carritech’ s most valuable resource are its people, therefore affective communications both internally and externally is critical.

The philosophy of our integrated management system which incorporates ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 shall be demonstrated, and communicated to all interested parties via awareness training, procedures, management reviews, staff meetings and the internet.
We are committed to providing the highest standard quality of services and product achievable.  Where we have the knowledge and capabilities to do so, we will protect all interested parties from harm regarding safety, health and the environment. By maintaining awareness, we shall address our legal obligations.

The directors are committed to providing, maintaining and servicing an infrastructure which is safe and comfortable to work in and is supported with essential resources such as information and communications technology and other suitable equipment and facilities which shall be maintained, serviced and calibrated as applicable.

We will ensure that all procurement and logistics are effectively managed.

We will engage internal process and compliance audits that check the effectiveness of the integrated management system. The status and effective planning of the integrated management system is subject to prepared management reviews.

Internal audits, management reviews and effective planning shall ensure all required resources are in place, available or obtainable to satisfy all our customers’ requirements.

This policy is driven by our Objectives and Targets which are subject to regular management reviews where the opportunity is taken to set new objectives if applicable.

These resources include:

Competent; experienced, qualified, location, knowledgeable, ability to learn, flexible, reliable, available or obtainable.

Equipment and tooling
Maintained, serviced, calibrated, controlled, available or obtainable.

Comfortable, controlled, maintained, welfare and safe.

Documented information
Traceable, accessible, secure and controlled.

Suppliers including logistics
Engaged externally supplied processes, services and products, reliable, qualified, reputation, location, cost variation.

Controlled, documented information, available, obtainable.

Planned, managed and controlled, lead-times and deadlines.

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