Our sustainbility targets

Carritech help prevent customer networks from becoming obsolete and prolong their life by continuing to source hard to get spare parts for supporting and extending legacy networks.

The European Waste Hierarchy consists of 5 categories of which Carritech can be directly influential on the top three.

Our commitment to a productive environmental plan is realised through our core business of REUSE/RESELL rather than recycle. Our business is to RESELL telecommunications equipment, so where an item has no resale value we work with partners to recycle all remaining components and eradicate any waste to landfill. This minimises the environmental impact of used electronic components and maximises sustainability.

Lack of support from the manufacturer is often the main reason why a company would choose to replace equipment in their network. Carritech aim to counteract this by continuing to source parts and offer repair and replacement services instead. By doing this, equipment is less likely to be replaced in the medium term.

If however a client’s assets are to be removed from operation, then we aim to resell them. This means we are able to reuse as many components as possible and prevent the need to recycle. Once the equipment is received in our logistic centres, every saleable item is refurbished and marketed for sale around the world.

Carritech will always use environmentally friendly material for packaging and reuse all packaging where possible. This is a key part of our sustainability & environmental policy.

RECYCLING is the last resort for Carritech as we aim to resell up to 90% of components received. Recycling itself has an impact on the environment and it is never possible to recover all waste; even if the components are fully recovered, there is still the waste in manufacture to be considered. Items that are to be recycled are segregated in to grades before they are shipped to our processing partner to help ensure the maximum efficiency of the recycling process.

Internal Sustainability & Environmental Policy

The directors and team at Carritech Limited are committed to minimise Carritech Ltd.’s impact on the environment resulting from our activities and in improving our environmental performance.

The key points of our strategy to achieve this are:

In addition to this, we have taken some internal measures applicable to our different offices:

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