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Echo Cancellation

A technique that allows for the isolation and filtering of unwanted signals caused by echoes from the main transmitted signal.


Links that provide backup connectivity to the SS7 network in the event that the ‘home’ STPs are unreachable using the A-Links.

End Office

The location where carriers place telecom equipment closest to the customer. Typically this is where customers are provisioned. Class 5 switches are usually located here.

Equal Access

A condition where the local exchange access service offered by a carrier is made available in equal kind, quality and price to all long distance companies.

ESS – Electronic Switching System

One type of Lucent’s family of stored, programme-controlled central office switches.

ETSI – European Telecommunications Standards Institute

The European counterpart of ANSI, tasked with paving the way for telecommunications integration in the European community.

EWSD – Electronic Digital Switching System (English translation)

A switching system made by Siemens.


Another term of switch, commonly used in the UK to refer to a single-housed control centre for telecommunications.

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