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In-Band Signalling

A method of controlling information in a telecommunications network by using tones or other signals carried within the same band or channel as the information being carried. For example, in a telephone call tones can be used to control transmission, receipt or disconnection of the call.

IAM – Initial Address Message

An SS7 signalling message that contains the address and routing information required to establish a point-to-point telephone connection.

IAD – Integrated Access Device

An access device located on the customer premises that can handle both voice and data services.

ICP – Integrated Communications Provider

A company that provides bundled communications services, including voice and data services.

IP RAN – Internet Protocol Radio Access Network

In strict sense, IP RAN means when the end-to-end system is IP based, including radio, RNC (in 3G) or the packet core (in LTE).

ISP – Internet Service Provider

An organisation that provides services for accessing, using or participating in the internet.

ILEC – Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier

This is the incumbent local phone company, which owns most of the local loops and facilities in a serving area, namely BT/Openreach.

ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network

A switched network providing end-to-end digital connectivity for simultaneous transmission of voice and/or data over multiple multiplexed communications channels, and employing transmission and out-of-band signalling protocols that confirm to internationally-defined standards.

IoT – Internet of Things

A development in which everyday objects and applications have network connectivity allowing them to comunicate with oursleves and eachother.

IP – Internet Protocol

A network layer (Layer 3) standard for data transmission that performs addressing function and contains some control information, to allow packets to be routed through networks.

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