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M2M – Machine to Machine

M2M can be used to describe any technology that enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions without the manual assistance of humans.

Media Gateway

Communications switch equipment operating at the edge of multi-service packet networks.

MGCP – Media Gateway Control Protocol

An IETF draft standard for a protocol that allows Voice Gateways to control external call control elements. MGCP assumes a call control architecture where the call control ‘intelligence’ is outside the gateways, and handled by external call control elements.

MF- Multi Frequency

In-band, analogue trunk signalling.

MMF – Multi-Mode Fibre

Fibre in which the ultrapure glass that forms the core transmission medium between 50 and 62.5 microns. This fibre has less carrying-capacity than single-node fibre.


A process that concentrates traffic by combining a large number of lower-speed transmission lines into one high-speed line, by splitting the total available bandwidth of the high-speed line into narrower bands (frequency division). Alternatively this can be done by allotting a common channel to serve different transmitting devices, one at a time in sequence (time division).


A multiplexing device.

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