Alcatel 7300 ASAM

Alcatel 7300 ASAM

The Alcatel-Lucent 7300 ASAM is an Access Multiplexer for ADSL-lines which offers flexible and easily scalable architecture that meets market requirements for mass deployment of DSL services.

Access Multiplexer for ADSL-lines Alcatel 7300 ASAM supports multiple types of DSL, made by different standards, including ADSL (full and G.Lite) and G.shdsl.

Key Features

  • Differentiated QoS on each line
  • Up to 12,000 connections
  • Constant / switched virtual circuits (PVC / SVC)
  • Up to 16 connections (VCs – VC) on each line
  • Set ADSL Alcatel chipset 4th generation
  • Programmable connect each DSL-line

Technical Information

The multiplexer 7300 ASAM supports a differentiated QoS for each line of services, allowing you to simultaneously transmit on a single DSL line whilst being sensitive to latency, and tolerant to data retention. This feature allows operators to offer multiple services to each client with the appropriate QoS guarantees. The Alcatel-Lucent 7300 ASAM multiplexer is based on ATM architecture that supports a variety of classes ATM-services, including constant data rate (CBR), uncertain data rate (UBR, and UBR +), variable bit rate (VBR), and guaranteed frame rate (GFR). This provides operators with exceptional flexibility in use, offering different service classes – from cheap, low-priority services to first-class access, which requires a large bandwidth, such as LAN-to-LAN, VPN, streaming video and audio, and all with guaranteed bandwidth. ADSL access multiplexer ASAM 7300 can be used for combined access and only to support VoDSL networks.

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