Ericsson RBS 3000 Series

Ericsson RBS 3000 Series

In addition to the RBS GSM family, Ericsson also offer the RBS 3000 family of Base Stations as part of their WCDMA Radio Access Network, UTRAN portfolio.

Technical Information

RBS 3000 Series Products – For indoor operation:

RBS 3202 (Indoor Macro), RBS 3203 (Compact Indoor), RBS 3303 (Micro), RBS 3402 (Mini Indoor), RBS 3206 (Indoor Macro)

RBS 3000 Series Products – For outdoor operation:

RBS 3018 (Outdoor macro), RBS 3101 (Outdoor Macro), RBS 3103 (Compact Outdoor), RBS 3104 (Super Compact), RBS 3501 (Mini Outdoor), RBS 3106 (Outdoor Macro), RBS 3107 (Outdoor macro)

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Ericsson RBS 3000 PDF
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