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585 Results

Manufacturer Model Product Number Description Request a quote
ERICSSONRBSROA1172156-1ERICSSON ROA1172156-1 BACKPLANE FOR ECU,DXU(RBS210Contact us about the ROA1172156-1
ERICSSONRBSROA1174776-1ERICSSON ROA1174776-1 POWER INTERFACE BOARD(RBS230Contact us about the ROA1174776-1
ERICSSONRBSROA1193065-1ERICSSON ROA1193065-1 FCU (RBS200) (ROA1193065-1)Contact us about the ROA1193065-1
ERICSSONRBSROA1193065-2ERICSSON ROA1193065-2 FCU (RBS200) (ROA1193065-2)Contact us about the ROA1193065-2
ERICSSONRBSROA1172136-4ERICSSON ROA1172136-4 FCU 4 RBS 2102 (ROA1172136-4Contact us about the ROA1172136-4
ERICSSONRBSROA1172136-6ERICSSON ROA1172136-6 FCU 4 RBS 2101 (ROA1172136-6Contact us about the ROA1172136-6
ERICSSONRBSROA1172155-1ERICSSON ROA1172155-1 GSM SYST RBS2000 TRU BP (ROAContact us about the ROA1172155-1
ERICSSONRBSROA119807-153ERICSSON ROA119807-153 PCU POWER CONTROL UNIT (RBSContact us about the ROA119807-153
ERICSSONRBSROA2193313-2ERICSSON ROA2193313-2 P-CB FOR DC RBS 3303 (ROA219Contact us about the ROA2193313-2
ERICSSONRBSROA2193313-4ERICSSON ROA2193313-4 P-CB, RBS 3303 (ROA2193313-4Contact us about the ROA2193313-4
ERICSSONRBSROA2195314-1ERICSSON ROA2195314-1 DXU BACKPLANERBS 2206 (ROA21Contact us about the ROA2195314-1
ERICSSONRBSROA2195817-1ERICSSON ROA2195817-1 DTRU BACKPLANE RBS 2206 V2 (Contact us about the ROA2195817-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119104-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119104-1 CDU-A9D (BFL119104-1)Contact us about the BFL119104-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119106-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119106-1 CDU (BFL119106-1)Contact us about the BFL119106-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119113-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119113-1 CDU-C9D (BFL119113-1)Contact us about the BFL119113-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119114-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119114-1 SINGLE SUBRACK RXS-S 16 SContact us about the BFL119114-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119115-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119115-1 32 NODES SLAVE DOUBLE SUBContact us about the BFL119115-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119123-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119123-1 CDU-C9D(2101,2102,2202) (Contact us about the BFL119123-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119135-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119135-1 CDU-C+ (BFL119135-1)Contact us about the BFL119135-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119142-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119142-1 CDU-G - E-GSM (BFL119142-Contact us about the BFL119142-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119143-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119143-1 CDU-G DCS COMBINER UNIT (Contact us about the BFL119143-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119144-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119144-1 A111 SUBRACK (BFL119144-1Contact us about the BFL119144-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119147-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119147-1 CDU-F COMBINER UNIT(GSM90Contact us about the BFL119147-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119149-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119149-1 CDU-F COMBINER UNIT(DCS18Contact us about the BFL119149-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119155-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119155-1 COMBINER UNIT 800 MHZ (BFContact us about the BFL119155-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119157-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119157-1 COMBINER UNIT CDU-G 9P 90Contact us about the BFL119157-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119158-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119158-1 E-GSM - CDU-J900MHZ (BFL1Contact us about the BFL119158-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119311-1ERICSSON RBS BFL119311-1 GSM SYST SUBRACKCDU (BFL1Contact us about the BFL119311-1
ERICSSONRBSBFL119311-2ERICSSON RBS BFL119311-2 SUBRACK CDU-D (BFL119311-Contact us about the BFL119311-2

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