Nokia BTS

Nokia BTS

Nokia Flexi BTS is scalable, modular, lightweight, and compact. Its field proven design affords you more installation options – you can mount it on walls, poles, and even out of sight.

All modules are IP65-compliant, and rugged enough for outdoor use without needing shelters or air-conditioning. Distributed architecture, with the RF module or a remote radio head mounted close to the antenna, eliminates feeder losses. With all these advantages, you can acquire precisely the sites you need and operate them most cost effectively.

One technician can easily carry and install all modules, so the cost of installing Flexi Multiradio BTS is also far lower.

Key Features

Integration Density

GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/(I-)HSPA, and LTE – all-in-one Flexi Multiradio BTS offers all three and it is brought to you by the leader in both baseband (BB) and radio frequency (RF) technology:

  • Multiband-enabled and ready for  LTE processing technology, the baseband is a multimode solution that handles GSM/EDGE, HSPA and LTE
  • The RF module’s multicarrier, multi-standard power amplifiers allow you to build BTS sites at lowest cost and take an evolutionary path to high capacity
  • Integrated, three-sector RF module handles all 3 technologies concurrently and resides in a single 25-litre unit with 3x60W output power; that level of integration density is unequalled in the industry.
  • Flexi base stations leave such a small footprint that you can use them to build the world’s smallest macro BTS site


  • Up to 6+6+6 GSM or
  • 4+4+4 WCDMA or
  • 1+1+1 LTE at 20 MHz or
  • flexible combination of the above technologies in concurrent mode.
  • For higher capacity several modules can be deployed on a single site.

Multiradio configuration

1 Flexi 3-sector RF module + 1 system module for GSM/EDGE + 1system module for WCDMA/HSPA and LTE.  Remote Radio Head (RRH) solution also supported.

Technical Information

Nokia BTS portfolio for Base Stations and Nodes B is comprised of many different solutions that can cover almost any need related to coverage area and voice or data capacity.

NOKIA BTS Talk Family – With a maximum capacity of 6 TRX per cabinet, these are some of the BTS included in the Talk Family portfolio.

NOKIA BTS MetroSite – The Metrosite BTS can house up to 4 TRX for GSM and 2 carriers FDD on WCDMA. They can be used in Indoor and Outdoor operations.

NOKIA BTS InSite – The Nokia Insite BTS has a capacity of 1 TRX and can also be used for Indoor and Outdoor installations.

NOKIA BTS UltraSite–The flagship of Nokia Base Stations works on GSM 900, 1800, 1900 MHz and WCDMA 2GHz frequencies and can be used onOutdoor (Up to 12 TRXs) and Indoor (Up to 12 TRXsor 6 TRXs and 3 WCDMA carriers per cabinet) operations. There is also a Midi Indoor unit with a capacity of up to 6 TRX.

The Nokia Ultrasite solution provides high traffic capacity in the city and wide coverage in rural areas.These are some of the BTS included in its portfolio.

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