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You are viewing the search results for all Nokia Base Station Equipment. To refine your search, simply enter the part number you are looking for into the ‘search equipment’ field below. If you are unable to find the product you are looking for please contact us as we will most likely be able to acquire the product for you.

98 Results

Manufacturer Model Product Number Description Request a quote
HUAWEIBTS21205772U FAN MODULE (2120577)Contact us about the 2120577
HUAWEIBTS22392753900 SERIES BTS MACRO KIT, AUXILIARY MATERIAL KIT Contact us about the 2239275
HUAWEIBTS22393493900 SERIES DBS, AUXILIARY MATERIAL KIT (2239349)Contact us about the 2239349
HUAWEIBTS2113913APM30H (2113913)Contact us about the 2113913
HUAWEIBTS2113410APM30H BTS3900A (2113410)Contact us about the 2113410
HUAWEIBTS2113411APM30H BTS3900A (2113411)Contact us about the 2113411
HUAWEIBTS2120424BTS 3012 (2120424)Contact us about the 2120424
HUAWEIBTS2131909BTS 3900A (2131909)Contact us about the 2131909
HUAWEIBTS2080655BTS Integrated DDF Box (02080655)Contact us about the 2080655
HUAWEIBTS2238727BTS TERMINAL KIT (2238727)Contact us about the 2238727
HUAWEIBTS2111808BTS3002C Overseas Assembly Cabinet Empty (02111808Contact us about the 2111808
HUAWEIBTS2113358BTS3900 (2113358)Contact us about the 2113358
HUAWEIBTS2113510BTS3900 A (2113510)Contact us about the 2113510
HUAWEIBTS2113718BTS3900 VER.D (2113718)Contact us about the 2113718
HUAWEIBTS2113389BTS3900A APM30H VER C. (2113389)Contact us about the 2113389
HUAWEIBTS2113390BTS3900A RFC VER C. (2113390)Contact us about the 2113390
HUAWEIBTS2113529BTS3900A_PART_3RFU_02 (2113529)Contact us about the 2113529
HUAWEIBTS2113511BTS3900A_PART_3RFU_03 (2113511)Contact us about the 2113511
HUAWEIBTS2113163BTS3900A_PART_9RFU_01 (2113163)Contact us about the 2113163
HUAWEIBTS2113506BTS3900A-CRS-AS1V-C (2113506)Contact us about the 2113506
HUAWEIBTS2113512BTS3900A-CRS-AV1V-C (2113512)Contact us about the 2113512
HUAWEIBTS2112833BTS3900C CABINET (DC -48V) (2112833)Contact us about the 2112833
HUAWEIBTS2238724BTS3900E AUXILIARY MATERIAL (2238724)Contact us about the 2238724
HUAWEIBTS2113380BTS3900L CABINET (2113380)Contact us about the 2113380
HUAWEIBTS2100046BTSENVIRONMENTSTATUS-ALARMBOX- (2100046)Contact us about the 2100046
HUAWEIBTS2234854DBS 1-22 SUPERFLEX CABLE, ANTENNA FIXING (2234854)Contact us about the 2234854
HUAWEIBTS2120472DC POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT (2120472)Contact us about the 2120472
HUAWEIBTS2120553DC POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT (2120553)Contact us about the 2120553
HUAWEIBTS2120731DC POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT (TD1MDCDU12B0) (2120731Contact us about the 2120731
HUAWEIBTS2120602DCDU-11A (2120602)Contact us about the 2120602

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