NSN (Atrica) A-Series Switches

NSN (Atrica) A-Series Switches

The Atrica A-Series of products (later branded under Nokia Siemens Networks) is a suite of Optical Ethernet Systems. The suite includes the A-210 and A100 which operate at the demarcation point in the network, the A-2100, A-2140 and A-2160 which operate at the edge, the A-4100 aggregation switch and finally the A8100 which is a core network product.

Technical Information

Unlike modified SONET/SDH platforms that attempt to retrofit technology designed primarily for voice traffic, or Ethernet solutions that are based on enterprise-class equipment, Atrica’s Optical Ethernet Systems were developed specifically for the service provider environment.

DEMARC Products

Atrica (Nokia Siemens Networks) A-210 Optical Ethernet Edge Switch

The A-210 Atrica DEMARC products are installed at the customer premises and provide a demarcation point between the service provider and customer’s network.

Atrica (Nokia Siemens Networks) A-100 Optical Ethernet Edge Switch

Similarly to the A-210, the A-100 is a DEMARC product which links the service provider to the customers network.

Edge Products

Atrica (Nokia Siemens Networks) A-2100 Optical Ethernet Edge Switch

The A-2100 provisions at the Metro optical edge, offering a combination of Ethernet interfaces and a comprehensive set of Ethernet Circuit Emulation Services (CES) at DS1, DS3, OC3 and OC12 rates. The switch offers redundant uplinks and sub-second recovery after failure.

Atrica (Nokia Siemens Networks) A-2140 Optical Ethernet Edge Switch

The A-2140 also supports all A-2100 platform functionality, with the added benefits of being NEBS compliant and modular, with a redundant power supply (AC or DC) and dry contact (inputs and outputs for external indications and/or sensors).

Atrica (Nokia Siemens Networks) A-2160 Optical Ethernet Edge Switch

Hardened for outdoor, uncontrolled environments, the A-2160 allows network operators to extend their points of presence (POPs) virtually to anywhere for the delivery of the most mission-critical Ethernet services. Designed to be strand-mounted or pole-mounted, with easy deployment and maintenance, the A-2160 reduces operations costs and time-to-market for wireless backhaul, Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), Fiber-to-the-Curb (FTTC) and Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB) access network applications.

Aggregation Network Products

Atrica (Nokia Siemens Networks) A-4100 Optical Ethernet Edge Switch

The A-4100 is a cost-effective platform that aggregates flows from Atrica’s A-2100 Optical Ethernet Edge Switches. Addressing the small PoP/CO environment, the A-4100 is a NEBS-compliant, high-density, low profile solution for space-constrained locations. Supporting Carrier-class attributes such as 50 millisecond resiliency, Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees, TDM services, and integrated network management, the A-4100’s functionality includes MPLS, connection-oriented services, and Ethernet services. With full hardware and software redundancy, the A-4100 has the same architecture as the other members of the Atrica family of Optical Ethernet products and shares the same interface cards as Atrica’s A-8000 Series of Optical Ethernet Core Switches. This eases the cost and space requirements associated with sparing and speeds training cycles for network personnel.

Core Network Products

Atrica (Nokia Siemens Networks) A-8100 Optical Ethernet Edge Switch

The A-8100 carrier-class Optical Ethernet platform designed specifically for 10Gbps networks and supporting up to 30 10Gbps interfaces in a non-blocking configuration.

Atrica’s Optical Ethernet Systems — including 10 Gigabit Ethernet and integrated WDM technology — supply significantly better performance than SONET/SDH-based equipment. In addition, Atrica’s Optical Ethernet Systems deliver Carrier-class attributes including guaranteed SLAs, sub-50 millisecond resiliency, integration with circuit switched networks, Ethernet CES for support of TDM traffic, and point and click OAM&P that meets and exceeds what carriers have been accustomed to in legacy networks.

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