Alcatel 1000 S12 Technical Information

Alcatel 1000 S12 Technical Information

The Alcatel 1000 S12 switching system is also one of the most popular in the world including at one point in time 140 million Alcatel S12 lines in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The Alcatel 1000 S12 is an optimized cost-effective, multi-purpose voice switch covering the entire exchange application range of local, toll, combined local & toll, tandem and international exchanges.

The Alcatel S12 Media Gateway Controller(MGC) was later designed to meet the Next generation network (NGN) requirements and employing this product together with the Alcatel 7510 Media Gateway (MG), service providers can handle both TDM and voice over packet (VoP) traffic in an NGN architecture.

_Alcatel 1000 S12 Repair Service

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