Carritech offer a wide range of support services for the ECI DTX-240 (F/E), including part supply, asset management and ongoing technical support.

Key Features

The ECI DTX-240 offers the following major features:

  • A compression ratio of between 5:1 and 6:1 for speech traffic
  • Compression of Group 3 fax signals up to 14.4 kbps, at a ratio of up to 6:
  • Compression of non-fax VBD signals up to 9.6kbps using standard data compression card.
  • Compression of non-fax VBD signals up to 14.4.6kbps using an optional enhanced data compression card.
  • 64 kbps Clear Channel capability for:
    • Pre-assigned channels
    • Dynamically requested channels (Q.50 enhanced protocol)
    • All VBD calls or selective assignment for V.34 calls (optional)

Technical Information

There are two key generations of the ECI DTX-240 product: 240E and 240F. The F is the second-generation product which retains all the capabilities of the E system, but has addition features such as high compression ratio for Group 3 Facsimile (FAX) traffic. It also uses a de-modulation/remodulation technique which substantially improves the systems performance.

The ECI DTX-240E and DTX-240F are types of DCME (Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment).

The DTX-240F systems accepts two hundred and forty 64 kbit/s trunks which carry either voice, voice band non-speech signals or digital data for transmission over a 2.048 Mbit/s or a 1.544 Mbit/s digital link.

The system consists of a pair of terminals, one on each side of the inter-terminal digital link and enables circuit multiplication ratios of up to 6:1 to be maintained regardless of the combination of different traffic types.


The DCME DTX-240F was intended for operation with IDR and TDMA satellite systems as well as for use in terrestrial and submarine applications.

Speech Quality

The ECI DTX-240F is able to provide “Toll Quality” speech.


The DTX-240F is capable of handling multiple types of channel information including:

Power Supply

The operating voltage range of the ECI DTX-240F is -36 to -72 VDC and in terms of power consumption, it requires 5.3W in standby mode and 9.6W in operating mode.


Natural convection is used as internal cooling for the DTX-240 system. An air separation panel is installed between the two terminals in the cabinet.

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