ECI DTX 240 Technical Information

ECI DTX 240 Technical Information:

The DTX240 system accepts up to two hundred and forty (240) 64 kbps trunks carrying either voice, voice band non-speech signals, or digital data for transmission over a 2.048 Mbps or 1.544 Mbps digital link. It offers the following major features:

  • A compression ratio of between 5:1 and 6:1 for speech traffic
  • Compression of Group 3 fax signals up to 14.4 kbps, at a ratio of up to 6:1
  • Compression of non-fax VBD signals up to 9.6kbps using standard data compression card.
  • Compression of non-fax VBD signals up to 14.4.6kbps using an optional enhanced data compression card.
  • 64 kbps Clear Channel capability for:
  • Pre-assigned channels
  • Dynamically requested channels (Q.50 enhanced protocol)
  • All VBD calls or selective assignment for V.34 calls (optional)

_ECI DTX 240 Repair Service

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