ECI XDM-1000

ECI XDM-1000

At Carritech, we offer comprehensive support for the ECI XDM family of products, including the XDM-1000.

We have a large number of spare parts in stock and also offer repair and refurbishment on most products, as well as ongoing support services.

Key Features

  • Multiservice Packet Optical system
  • Single platform – SDH/SONET, Ethernet, MPLS, TDM, ATM and All-Range WDM OTN ROADM on a single platform
  • Modular design
  • Packet – Ethernet/MPLS-TO switching
  • Topology agnostic – Enabling mesh, ring, multi-ring, star and point-to-point topology
  • ASON/GMPLS – Enhanced reliability with advanced dynamic restoration


Technical Information

The ECI XDM-1000 is a multiservice optical platform for metro networks which offers unique convergence of SDH/SNONET, TDM/ATM, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS and All-Range WDM OWN ROADM on a single platform.

The XDM-1000 is equipped with a full non-blocking E1 to STM-64 switching matrix of 120GB capacity and can switch up to 400GB of Ethernet/MPLS-TP traffic.

The XDM-1000 suits a wide range of applications such as mobile backhaul, business, MSO, CoC and residential triple play, with its variety of interfaces (from E1 through to STM-1/4/16/64 and FE/GE/10GE up to 80 DWSM channels).

The system has extensive support of both data (L1, L2, EoS, MPLS) and optics (C/DWDM, WSS ROADM) and supports a smooth migration path to carrier class Ethernet services over optical transport networks.

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