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Ericsson AXE10 Technical Information

Please see below our Ericsson AXE10 Technical Information:

The Ericsson AXE10 system is the most widely deployed switching system in the world.

It is used in public telephony-oriented applications of every type, including traditional fixed network applications in local, transit, international and combined networks. AXE10 is also deployed for all major mobile standards – analogue as well as digital.

An Ericsson AXE10 exchange can be split into three main parts; these are known as APT, APZ, and IOG (APG on AXE810).

  • APT which handles the call switching, customer access and junction access.
  • APZ which is responsible for the control in the exchange.
  • IOG which handles the Input and output connections to terminals, printers, alarms, storage devices, and data links.

AXE 810 is the name of the AXE version available to the market since 2001. AXE 810 is based on a different type of subrack called GEM. Many devices, for example, the group switch, are located in this sub rack. Some devices were changed to the new GEM hardware and are located in the GDM sub rack available in AXE with hardware version1.3 and 1.4. However, also some of the GDM based hardware was updated toward smaller footprint and larger capacity.

AXE 810 is significantly smaller in footprint than earlier AXE versions and includes an important amount of changes in both APZ and APT.

Changes in APZ

  • New Central Processor – Starting with the APZ 212 33 with 70%more capacity than APZ 212 30. The processor is also prepared for a new type of inter-processor network.
  • New Regional Processors – All types of regional processors get more capacity in less space. This is valid for RPG, RPP and RP.
  • New APG, Adjunct Processor Group – A more powerful adjunct processor is introduced (APG40). This means more storage capacity, faster reloading and more processing capacity for a number of applications.

Changes in APT

  • GEM sub rack – The GEM sub rack (Generic Ericsson Magazine) can house the group switch and a large number of boards such asET155, Transceivers and Echo Cancellers.
  • Group Switch – A new high-capacity group switch with distributed architecture is included. The switch is true non-blocking switch with a maximum capacity of 512k.
  • One-board ET155 – An ET155 becomes available in one-board solution decreasing the size of the exchange significantly. The ET155 is also adapted to the new GEM sub rack.
  • New Transcoders and Echo Cancellers.

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