At Carritech, we supply a wide range of both new and refurbished rectifer systems, including complete products, modules and individual parts.

As one of our more popular products, we hold healthy stock numbers of the AEG MPi80HD and regularly procure further equipment to supply to our clients.

We also offer a range of repair and refurbishment options for MPi80HD equipment.

Key Features

The MPi80HD is fitted with:

  • Wiring and locations for up to four SMi2000HD rectifier modules
  • 2 Rectifier motherboards (4 rectifiers slots)
  • 1 ACMi1000HD alarm and control module
  • 1 Interface board
  • 1 Battery and load shunts PCB
  • 1 Low voltage disconnect contactor (LVD : 150A rated)
  • Provision for battery fuses or circuit breakers protections
  • Provision for protection single pole fuses or circuit breakers
  • Provision for option
  • 1 Temperature probe
  • Fastening kit for battery stands & V2000

Technical Information

Introducing a fail-safe approach within a network, the MPi80HD system has been designed to convert AC mains voltage into 48 VDC and to supply telecom equipment with battery back up.

The MPi80HD is capable of housing up to four SMi2000HD rectifier modules and can be associated with up to eight 48V valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery strings. The total power installed is 8KW but the total load power available is 6.5KW max.

The number of installed SMi2000HD rectifiers will dictate the maximum DC current that is available.

The MPi80HD can be installed on top of a battery rack, wall mounted or installed in a 19” cabinet.

The system allows easy expansion on site by additional battery string(s) and rectifier module(s).

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