Harmer & Simmons MPS1600C

Harmer & Simmons MPS1600C

At Carritech, we supply a wide range of both new and refurbished rectifer systems, including complete products, modules and individual parts.

As one of our more popular products, we hold healthy stock numbers of the Harmer & Simmons MPS1600C and regularly procure further equipment to supply to our clients.

We also offer a range of repair and refurbishment options for MPS1600C equipment.

Key Features

The MSP1600C is fitted with:

  • Wide operating input voltage range of 80 to 300 Vrms
  • Wide operating temperature range – 10°C to + 70 °C with full thermal management
  • Sine wave input (PFC) and high efficiency (91%) to reduce operation costs
  • Local/remote control and monitoring capabilities via ACM1D digital controller
  • Complete system status and alarms management – 29 configurable system status and alarms
  • 4 battery charging modes, battery discharge control and automatic constant current battery test
  • Compact, light, hot pluggable, clear indications by LED and local LCD display and keypad
  • Win1D PC software interface
  • Advanced communication capabilities including6 configurable alarm relays,local RS232, GSM or PSTN modem options, TCP/IP web-server option
  • Standard 19″ distribution and low voltage disconnect module available
  • CE marked, UL under registration

Technical Information

Introducing a fail-safe approach within a network, the MPS1600C system has been designed to convert AC mains voltage into 48 VDC and to supply telecom equipment with battery back up.

The MPS1600C is capable of housing up to five SM1600 rectifier modules with the MPS1600C-8 model and up to 10 SM1600 rectifier modules with the MPS1600C-16 model. The total power output range is 8kW for the MPS1600C-8 model and 16kW for the MPS1600C-16 model.

The MPi80HD can be installed directly into telecom equipment, standard cabinets or part of outdoor enclosures.

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