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Siemens EWSD Technical Information

Please see below our Siemens EWSD Technical Information:

The EWSD Platform consists of the EWSD core and the EWSD periphery.

The Siemens EWSD core is comprised of the:

  • Switching Network (SN) – Creates the connections between subscribers.
  • Coordination Processor (CP) – Performs call processing and routing. As a multiprocessor, the CP can be extended to meet all performance requirements. When operating at maximum capacity, the CP113 can handle up to 16 million Busy Hour Call Attempts (BHCA).
  • Signaling System Network Control (SSNC) – Controls the SS7 signaling Traffic supporting SS7 over TDM, SS7 over ATM and also SS7 over IP.

The Siemens EWSD periphery is comprised of the following:

  • Remote Switching Unit (RSU) – Connects subscribers and trunks; can replace local exchanges
  • Line Trunk Group (LTG) – Connects subscribers and trunks. These are some different types of LTG’s:
    • LTG(M): GSMYAA, GSMYDC, GPLSx, DIU120, PMUx, GPLC, etc.
    • LTG(N): GPNYx, GPNLx, etc.
    • LTG(P): GPPYx, GPSx, etc.

Digital Line Unit (DLU) – Connects subscribers and concentrates the traffic to the LTG. These are some different types of DLU’s:


The DLU can be re-used as an integral part of the Siemens NGN SURPASS access solution:

  • Synchronous Transport Module Interface (STMI) – Provides a fully integrated STM-1 interface to the SDH network. It can be used to interconnect switches as well as to connect RSUs or RDLUs to the switch.
  • Host Timeslot Interchange (HTI) – For connection of the RSU.

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