Cisco CRS

Cisco CRS

At Carritech, we provide support services for the Cisco CSR (Carrier Routing System) Family of products, including spare part supply and repairs.

Technical Information

The Cisco CRS (Carrier Routing System) Router Family includes the CRS-1, CRS-3, CRS-X, CRS-4, CRS-8 and the CSR-16. At Carritech we stock, support and repair a large number of Cisco CRS products for our clients. The Cisco CRS is driven by a chipset architecture, which is based on multidimensional engineering and Cisco IOS XR software. The Cisco CRS is a highly reliable system which is easily scalable, from single-chassis form factors to larger multi-chassis system. The Cisco CRS-16 (16-Slot) is a Single-Shelf System, which provides high bandwidth without compromising on service performance. The single-shelf system is fully compatible with components of the Cisco CRS Family such as router processors and line cards. The configuration of the CRS-16 supports upgrades from 40Gbps per slot, 140Gbps per slot to 400Gbps per slot. Technologies integrated into the system include IP and MPLS routing, IP over DWDM, network virtualization with secure domain routers, fabric multicast replication, fabric QoS and IPv6.

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