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Alcatel 9500 MPR Equipment

Alcatel 9500 MPR Equipment

You are viewing the search results for all Alcatel 9500 MPR equipment. To refine your search, simply enter the part number you are looking for into the ‘search equipment’ field below. If you are unable to find the product you are looking for please contact us as we will most likely be able to acquire the product for you.

198 Results

Manufacturer Model Product Number Description Request a quote
ALCATEL9500-MPR694-9000-006Standard Rack, 7' tall, 19" wide 694-9000-006Contact us about the 694-9000-006
ALCATEL9500-MPR695-0905-003Standard Rack, 7' tall, 23" wideContact us about the 695-0905-003
ALCATEL9500-MPR019-0429-010Seismic Rack, 7.0' 019-0429-010Contact us about the 019-0429-010
ALCATEL9500-MPR694-8873-005Adapters for 23", 2 RU (PDU two required)Contact us about the 694-8873-005
ALCATEL9500-MPR690-1125-003Rack Extension Kit - 19" rackContact us about the 690-1125-003
ALCATEL9500-MPR690-1125-005Rack Extension Kit (23" rack) addedContact us about the 690-1125-005
ALCATEL9500-MPR3EM13317AAPower Distribution Panel 3EM13317AAContact us about the 3EM13317AA
ALCATEL9500-MPR690-4373-001Kit AC Outlet Contact us about the 690-4373-001
ALCATEL9500-MPR3EM22715AASUBRACK - 9500 MPR MSS Shelf Shipping KitContact us about the 3EM22715AA
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB18163ABSUBRACK - MSS Slot Cover - Blank Plate 1-2HContact us about the 3DB18163AB
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB18485AASUBRACK - 9500 MPR R1.0 2RU 8 Slot ShelfContact us about the 3DB18485AA
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB18134BASUBRACK - MSS Fan UnitContact us about the 3DB18134BA
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB18271AASUBRACK - Power Supply Cable (2 per Shelf)Contact us about the 3DB18271AA
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB18209ABMSS Module - Control and Switching Module (CSM - CContact us about the 3DB18209AB
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB18136ACMSS Module - Modem Module (MD300)Contact us about the 3DB18136AC
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB18126ADMSS Module - DS1 PDH Module (P32E1DS1)Contact us about the 3DB18126AD
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB18194AAMSS Module - DS3 PDH Module (P2E3DS3)Contact us about the 3DB18194AA
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB18134ABMSS Module - MSS Fan UnitContact us about the 3DB18134AB
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB23215AAODU L6 GHz, 252.04 MHz spacing (V2) - 5930-6020MHZContact us about the 3DB23215AA
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB23215ADODU L6 GHz, 252.04 MHz spacing (V2) - 6182-6272MHZContact us about the 3DB23215AD
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB23215ABODU L6 GHz, 252.04 MHz spacing (V2) - 5989-6079MHZContact us about the 3DB23215AB
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB23215AEODU L6 GHz, 252.04 MHz spacing (V2) - 6241-6331MHZContact us about the 3DB23215AE
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB23215ACODU L6 GHz, 252.04 MHz spacing (V2) - 6078-6168MHZContact us about the 3DB23215AC
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB23215AFODU L6 GHz, 252.04 MHz spacing (V2) - 6330-6420MHZContact us about the 3DB23215AF
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB23214AAODU U6 GHz, 160 MHz spacing (V2) - 6540-6610MHZ, HContact us about the 3DB23214AA
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB23214ABODU U6 GHz, 160 MHz spacing (V2) - 6710-6780MHZ, HContact us about the 3DB23214AB
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB23214ACODU U6 GHz, 160 MHz spacing (V2) - 6590-6660MHZ, HContact us about the 3DB23214AC
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB23214ADODU U6 GHz, 160 MHz spacing (V2) - 6760-6830MHZ, HContact us about the 3DB23214AD
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB23214AEODU U6 GHz, 160 MHz spacing (V2) - 6640-6710MHZ, HContact us about the 3DB23214AE
ALCATEL9500-MPR3DB23214AFODU U6 GHz, 160 MHz spacing (V2) - 6800-6870MHZ, HContact us about the 3DB23214AF

If you are unable to find what you are looking for please contact us on sales@carritech.com or +44 203 006 1170

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