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Alcatel 9600 Equipment

Alcatel 9600 Equipment

You are viewing the search results for all Alcatel 9600 equipment. To refine your search, simply enter the part number you are looking for into the ‘search equipment’ field below. If you are unable to find the product you are looking for please contact us as we will most likely be able to acquire the product for you.

27 Results

Manufacturer Model Product Number Description Request a quote
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC09742ACAMDContact us about the 3CC09742AC
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC09743ADATM INTERFACE-OPTICAL MONOMODE Contact us about the 3CC09743AD
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC09744AATNT 75Contact us about the 3CC09744AA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC09744ABTDM INTERFACE BOARDContact us about the 3CC09744AB
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC09778AASPARE PARTContact us about the 3CC09778AA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC09819AAIBSContact us about the 3CC09819AA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC09915AB2 COUPLER BOARD-STM-1-OC3Contact us about the 3CC09915AB
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC10064ACRBS 25G-1008 M-CContact us about the 3CC10064AC
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC10101AAFAN SUBRACKContact us about the 3CC10101AA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC10329AA2 ETHERNET+2E1 (G703-G703)Contact us about the 3CC10329AA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC10329AB2 ETHERNET+2E1 (G703-X21)Contact us about the 3CC10329AB
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC10329BCSPARE PARTContact us about the 3CC10329BC
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC10884AC24-30 GHZ RT26CM INTEGRATED ANTContact us about the 3CC10884AC
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC109329ANT9900 220VContact us about the 3CC109329A
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC109329BNT 48V 2ETHERNET 10 BT+2 E1Contact us about the 3CC109329B
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC11543ASPARE PARTContact us about the 3CC11543A
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC11543AA24-30GHZ RT WITH ADAPTOR FOR 60Contact us about the 3CC11543AA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC11756ACSPARE PARTContact us about the 3CC11756AC
ALCATEL9600 Series3CCII68IAA1+1 ATTACHMENT KITContact us about the 3CCII68IAA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC08888AA9400UX ODU 23GHZ (3CC08888AA)Contact us about the 3CC08888AA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC08889AA9400UX (3CC08889AA)Contact us about the 3CC08889AA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC08908AA9400UX-LX POWER SUPPLY (3CC08908AA)Contact us about the 3CC08908AA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC08920AA9400UX-LX POWER SUPPLY (3CC08920AA)Contact us about the 3CC08920AA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC08977AA9400 UX ACCESS IDU (3CC08977AA)Contact us about the 3CC08977AA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC10884AB9925 RT RADIO TERMINATION 24V (3CC10884AB)Contact us about the 3CC10884AB
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC11589AART 25-1008-A (3CC11589AA)Contact us about the 3CC11589AA
ALCATEL9600 Series3CC12867AEAAADAPTETE (3CC12867AEAA)Contact us about the 3CC12867AEAA

If you are unable to find what you are looking for please contact us on sales@carritech.com or +44 203 006 1170

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