Alcatel-Lucent 1830 PSS

Alcatel-Lucent 1830 PSS

Carritech offer a wide range of support services for the Alcatel-Lucent 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) family of products, including repair and refurbishment, part supply and ongoing technical support.

Key Features

Helping you to optimise your optical networks to meet traffic demands, the 1830 PSS supports a range of applications, including:

  • Metro and long-haul transport
  • Broadband backhaul
  • Data center interconnect
  • Multicast video
  • Carrier Ethernet
  • Wavelength services

Technical Information

The 1830 PSS family includes the 1830 PSS-4 series, 1830 PSS-8 and 1830 PSS-16 series, the 1830 PSS-32 series, the 1830 PSS-8x/12x series, the 1830 PSS-24x series and the 1830 PSS-36 and 1830 PSS-64 series.

The 1830 PSS equipment can be used for a variety of network deployment environments. Every product uses common software, hardware, management and control to support seamless operations across your network, regardless of traffic demand.

Main Characteristics

With a comprehensive platform access core, the 1830 PSS is a cost effective, flexible access solution with industry leading Metro/Core/LH transport systems. The equipment provides efficient optical transport for any application, fiber type and reach.

Photonic and electrical switching fabrics are integrated within a single shelf to create a combined ROADM and scalable ODUk switch. This universal switch architecture allows for a seamless integration of SDH/SONET or packet transport.


The 1830 PSS family offers enhanced packet optical transport features. These include CDC-F wavelength routing, Carrier Ethernet 2.0-certified services, wavelength and sub-wavelength services, and highly secure low-latency encrypted wavelengths.

It supports the move to reliable and scalable 100G connectivity services with 100G-optimized multi-terabit OTN switching and flexible 100G–600G wavelength transport. The 1830 PSS products transform traditional DWDM into a flexible transport layer, allowing agile wavelength routing and scalable multilayer switching.


The 1830 PSS provides intelligent and reliable network control through distributed GMPLS and centralised SDN control options. These capabilities allow you to maximise network capacity and efficiency, while enabling the rapid and efficient deployment of different services.


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