Huawei Optix Metro 1000

Huawei Optix Metro 1000

The Optix Metro 1000 is able to access multiple types of services and can be used at the access level of MANs as well as local transmission networks when enterprises and operators require to access to VIP private lines, wireless base stations and digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAMs).

Key Features

The architecture of the Optix Metro 1000 is simple and with high integration. It supports TDM as well as packet universal switch, meaning it can be interconnected with packet switching equipment. It also supports CES services (circuit emulation service), which realizes direct access of E1 services on the packet domain.

Technical Information

Simple Architecture and High Integration

The OptiX Metro 1000 is a type of case-shaped equipment.

The dimensions of the chassis are: 436 mm (W) x 293 mm (D) x 86 mm (H).

Except for the power supply module and certain service boards, the cross-connect unit, clock unit, and order-wire units are integrated into the SCB board.

Multiple Interfaces

STM-1 /4/16(o), E1/T1/E3/T3 (e), FE/GE(o/e), NM-LAN, alarm input/output, AC/DC power interface.

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