Huawei Optix Metro 1050

Huawei Optix Metro 1050

The Optix Metro 1050 is a multiservice transport platform for metro networks. It is a compact STM-1/4 with tributary protection support node whose transmission system is primarily intended for the construction of metro and access network level.

Key Features

The small Huawei Optix Metro 1050 allows the network operator to use a highly reliable, yet economical and compact piece of equipment at the access layer.

Technical Information

It’s combinations of various technologies means that the Optix Metro 1050 not only preserves the flexibility and reliability which is inherent in SDH technology, but also provides efficient transfer ATM and IP traffic by allowing the ability to install the appropriate interface module.

System Specifications

Linear dimensions: 436 x 293 x 86 mm.
Weight: 7 kg in standard configuration;
The equivalent capacity cross-connect matrix – 16 x 16 VC-4 cross-connect VC-12 level;
Maximum number of interfaces – 80xE1, 64xT1, 6xE3 / T3, 3xSTM-4, 6xSTM-1, 2 / 4xATM (155M), 8* 10/100 Mbit / s Ethernet. SHDSL interface card installation, N*64K (V.35 / X.21 / FE1) is also possible;

Transmission distance up to 90 km.
The equipment may be installed in a standard 19-inch rack mount, ETSI rack, compact integrated Huawei rack but it also suitable for wall and desk installation.

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