Huawei Optix Metro 500

Huawei Optix Metro 500

The Huawei Optix Metro 500 Compact STM-1 is a multiservice transmission platform (MTSP), designed to improve the bandwidth operation efficiency of optical transmission networks.

Key Features

The Optix Metro 500 offer the transmission of STM-1, E1/T1, E3/T3, Nx64K and Ethernet Services as well as a high integration level, easy installation and various power access methods. This combination makes it well suited to telecom operators who want to transfer terminal access services and reduce the operation cost of their telecom network.

Technical Information

The Optix Metro 500 comes in two shapes, the Optix Metro 500 I and the Optix Metro 500 II.
When compared, the Optix Metro 500 I has the added function of a storage battery. The II equipment provides 220V AC power access function and storage battery discharge and can be easily installed via wall hanging.

Service interfaces:

• SDH interface: Provides various specifications of STM-1 optical interfaces.
• PDH interface: Provides multiway E1, T1, E3, and T3 interfaces.
• Ethernet interface: Provides 10/100M Ethernet interfaces.
• N×64K interface: Supports multiway N×64K interfaces.
• Clock interface: Provides external clock input and output interfaces.
• Switching value interface: Provides on-off input and output interface.
• Transparent data interface: Provides asynchronous transparent data interface with the maximum rate of 19.2k.

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