Lucent Wavestar ADM 16/1

Lucent Wavestar ADM 16/1

The Wavestar ADM 16/1 is a high-capacity intelligent multiplexer and transport system able to multiplex PDH and SDH bit rates to higher levels up to 2.5 Gbit/s (STM-16).

Technical Information

One of the main features of the WaveStar. ADM 16/1 is the ability to add/drop and flexibly cross-connect 2 Mbit/s directly from the STM-16 level. Other signals that can be connected are: 34, 45, 140, 155 and 620 Mbit/s up to a Total add/drop capacity of 32 x STM-1 or 504 x 2 Mbit/s.

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